Proteomics platform


This platform consists of Ultimate 3000 nano-HPLC and Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid systems designed for proteomic bioanalytics research. Optimized procedures of sample preparation and analysis enable us to work effectively with purified fractions, intact proteins, SDS-PAGE bands/spots, immunoprecipitated proteins (on/off-beads) for the identification of

  •   Interacting partners
  •   PTMs
  •   Differences at protein level (e.g. wild type vs. mutation, transfection, differential expression, stress influence), and
  •   Proteome/secretome studies

Special projects like Biomarker discovery, quantification (labelled/label-free) and phosphoproteome analysis are under development.

Operation and management of the platform is conducted by   Jörg Hofmann

For further details please contact:   joerg.hofmann (at) ,   uwe.sonnewald (at)

Sample submission form   to apply for a measurement:
Download this PDF into a file, fill it in, print it into a PDF file again and send it by e-mail.